Welcome to DS Cafe

Welcome to DS Cafe

It all began in the beautiful valley of the Himalayas. Dawa Sherpa opened this restaurant to bring this special winter taste to Vermont. All food is authentic mountain Himalayan food. Including soups, curries, and food that truly makes you feel warm."


Went to DS Cafe for dinner for the first time tonight, so glad I did. Simple and cozy interior, very welcoming owners and great food! They didn't have goat so I ordered lamb kadai instead, and it was amazing! The dessert, ghulab jamun, was very good too, just the right amount of sweet and very delicate, melts in your mouth. I will be coming back for more delicious food here for sure!

-Olya S.


Just finished my leftovers from DS Cafe this afternoon, and wow! This place is delicious! My friend and I ordered at the counter and dined in, and while I wish they might've had a little background music playing for the atmosphere, they well made up for it with heaping servings, kind service, and delicious food! They even gifted us a complimentary rice pudding which was so creamy and just the right amount of sweet! Thank you so much, DS Cafe!

-Rebecca L.


DS Cafe is more than a restaurant; it's a culinary haven where the rich fusion of local Indian and Nepali flavors, especially the exquisite Chicken Tikka Masala and delightful momos, feels like a taste of home. Heartfelt thanks to Mama Sherpa for making every visit unforgettable.

-Aman C.

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At DS Cafe in Northfield, we serve Himalayan Cuisine such as Spicy Chicken Tikka, Falafal Gyro, and Goat Kadai. We are located on N Main St just a few minutes from Dog River Park. Order Online for carryout today!
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